Urban Dialogues: We Are Best Friends by Nataliia Taranukha
Detail from ‘We Are Best Friends’ by Nataliia Taranukha

A mixed-media showcase of work exploring and questioning the interplay between art, belief and identity will take place at Red Gallery, Rivington Street, from 2-14 October.

The fifth annual Urban Dialogues exhibition, organised by Three Faiths Forum (3FF), will feature the work of 20 artists and includes four nights of events.

The show is about bringing people together who may not normally meet, challenging their thinking and providing a platform for discussion, whatever their philosophy. There are two specially commissioned collaborations by artists from different backgrounds, which 3FF Exhibition Organiser Abi Girling says are always very exciting and receive a very strong response.

Group installation The Fury Jukebox, by female artists Zena Edwards, Rasheeda Nalumoso, Cherelle Skeete and Kate Pearson, is a ‘vehicle of discussion’ reflecting on women’s and girls’ anger, and Walls Have No Sides by David Borrington and Aithan Shapira aims to challenge our concept of walls and boundaries. Both collaborations will be documented through an online, interactive film.

Girling says the exhibition provides an “independent, open space where everyone is on an equal footing. It’s open to everyone and enables freer dialogue.”

Since 2009, she has seen “the audience grow as well as pushing into new ones” with events such as the women only Female Voices on 10 October and the launch of an intercultural choir at their Shoreditch Singathon on 13 October.

2-14 October
Red Gallery
3 Rivington St

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