Blackfish, one of the films shown at last year’s East End Film Festival

The East End Film Festival has launched its first ever crowdfunding project, which aims to raise at least £25,000 by Sunday 11 May.

In the few years since its inception in 2001, The East End Film Festival has become one of the UK’s largest international film festivals, with its annual programmes notable for their ecclecticism and breadth.

This year’s festival in June will be a special one, as the once council-backed event is now an independent Community Interest Company. This is a type of social enterprise whose profits and assets are used only to achieve its social objectives.

Appealing to members of the public for pledges, festival organiser Alison Poltock said: “With your support, we aim to produce free community activities, free public events, and bring more filmmakers than ever before to show their work at the festival.

“In the spirit of the festival’s history of openness, we want you to play an active role in shaping this future by supporting this campaign, and getting a say in the life of EEFF. We cannot continue our work in these areas without your help.”

Incentives for those making pledges include ‘Wall Of Fame’ listings, badges, model-making kits of the festival mascot ‘Eddie The Eel’ and VIP opening night tickets with red-carpet access and five-star hotel accommodation.

There are also opportunities to sit in on the festival’s jury dinner, a behind-closed-doors debate to determine which films win which awards, or to go on a tailor-made industry insight day.

East End Film Festival
13-25 June 2014



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