Having grown up in a rural suburb of Stockholm, Akiine arrived in East London on a mission to charm with her spritely Scandinavian dream-pop. She says she is influenced by “otherworldly feelings, melodies and heavenly harmonies”, to which her sultry vocals and beats attest.

Despite her sound being broadly classified as ‘pop’, her song-writing style isn’t in the least bit straightforward. “It’s very much based on emotions,” she says. “My inspirations are quite spiritual and I think that reflects the way I make music. Part of me feels like I should make 10 songs a day, but the majority of me has this feeling that I don’t really need to push it.”

Her song ‘Sunglassey’, part of a double A-side, has a beguiling calypso melody, with the natural world and mindfulness the main lyrical concerns. Follow up single ‘Frid’, however, is more about trance-like beats and has a stronger tone to the vocals.

Her live shows are filled with facial glitter, fairy lights and vigorous dancing. “I’m a little bouncy ball on stage, it’s a bit weird because the music is really chilled out but live it’s completely different; I get to go crazy and enjoy myself.”

Akiine uses many different textures in her music but is open to interpretation and discovery. “I’d like to incorporate more organic sounds into the music. One thing I really like (because I can actually feel it when it releases endorphins in my body) is the sound two glasses create when you do cheers. It’s so clear and kind of spreads in a millisecond like rings on water.”

Living in East London has also had a positive effect on her music. “I feel like there is hard work and ambition in the air here,” she says. “We’re all in it together crying and sweating but it’s a good vibe. It makes you focused.”




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