Josh and Dane at the Wash. Photograph: Independent London
Coffee connoisseurs: Owner Josh Strauss and Dane at the Wash. Photograph: Independent London

A new addition to Well Street, The Wash café is a coffee connoisseur’s destination. Customers can first choose their beans from a range of artisanal blends and roasters – including a guest blend – and then the method of preparation; as well as the traditional espresso machine drinks, there’s an American style filter coffee and an Aeropress.

Owner Josh Strauss was inspired by spending time in Australia and New Zealand, and is determined to bring the Antipodean passion for great quality coffee to his business. He and his head barista will enthusiastically talk you through different roasts in the way a sommelier recommends wine. In addition to coffee, The Wash also has fresh juice and a variety of teas on offer.

As there is no kitchen, food options are limited to a few simple options of soup, salads, toasties and homemade beans on toast with a boiled egg. While lacking in excitement, this is perfectly pleasant lunch fare, and is served with excellent bread from the social enterprise Dusty Knuckle bakery. There’s also a good selection of baked goods.

The Wash coffee shop
Hearty breakfast fare at the Wash. Photograph: Independent London

Opened just a month ago, The Wash has ties to the community and has hosted a live broadcast of Wick Radio. Other projects in the pipeline include film viewings, pop-up supper clubs, a potential veg box scheme and a bottomless filter coffee option for nearby office workers and freelancers. There are other DIY renovations and experiments in the works, and the atmosphere of The Wash is summed up by a turntable against which are some cheerfully propped up records for punters to play. It’s a homemade, welcoming atmosphere paired with a sharp focus on quality coffee. A good example of the small, ethically-minded businesses that lend Hackney its quirky charm.

The Wash
206 Well Street, E9 6QT

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