Steve Davis Kavus Torabi 620
Steve Davis and Kavus Torabi. Photograph: Cafe Oto

In his 1980s heyday he was practically unbeatable, but now snooker legend Steve Davis is cueing up in a very different way.

The six-time world champion has swapped the snooker table for the turntable, and on 6 May will be in Dalston to DJ at Café Oto alongside psychedelic musician Kavus Torabi.

Although the most successful player of his day, Davis was given the nickname ‘Interesting’ for his playing style, which makes his foray into DJing all the more surprising.

The 59-year-old lives in Brentwood, Essex, where he presents a weekly radio show alongside Torabi on PhoenixFM.

“They all think I’m fucking mad,” said Davis, talking about his love of Frank Zappa to the Guardian.

Davis is known to be a fan of the French collective Magma, whom he brought to London for a series of shows in the late 1980s.

His tastes range from 1970s prog, Canterbury and Zeuhl to modern day Rock in Opposition, Avant-Progressive and even left-field electronica and Intelligent Dance Music.

This month Davis is to join the likes of Thom Yorke and Four Tet on the bill of Bloc festival in Minehead, with his DJ name rumoured to be either DJ Thundermuscle or Rocky Flame.

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