Tango like a pro
You can dance: learn the Argentine Tango at beginners’ classes in Dalston

Tango is one of the world’s most sensuous dances – and among the most exciting. It’s also known as a social, inclusive dance, and Tango at the Light has done justice to the spirit of this with its beginners’ classes. You don’t have to bring a partner and there’s no need to feel nervous about getting the steps wrong.

As the classes are aimed at newcomers to dance, you’ll learn the fundamentals of Argentine tango, from posture to step and connection. The lessons will give you an awareness of the music and will teach you to relax, have fun, make mistakes and learn from them. Above all, they will familiarise you with this, one of the world’s most exuberant and beautiful dances.

Beginners’ Tango Classes Every Thursday Night @ Saint Barnabas’ Church Dalston

Beginners’ Class 7 to 8pm, £10 (includes dancing until 11pm)
Práctica (social dancing) 8 to 11pm, £5
Student discount £5 per class (includes dancing until 11pm)

First class is free.

Visit www.tangothelight.com