Tall order: Stik puts finishing touches to Big Mother mural
Tall order: Stik puts finishing touches to Big Mother mural. Photograph: Joyce/Division

East London artist Stik has painted the tallest street artwork in the UK to highlight affordable housing issues and to show solidarity with groups such as the New Era estate tenants and Focus E15 mothers.

The mural, entitled Big Mother, stands 125 feet (38.2 metre) tall, and is painted on a condemned tower block in Acton, West London.

Painted in Stik’s characteristic style with two large-eyed, long-limbed figures against a bright yellow background, the artwork depicts a mother and child gazing forlornly from their soon-to-be demolished council block at the apartment complexes being built around them.

Stik, who started painting 10 years ago whilst homeless in Hackney, said: “Affordable housing in Britain is under threat, this piece is to remind the world that all people need homes.

“The mural is a symbol of solidarity with the pockets of resistance across the country like Focus E15 single mothers community and New Era estate in Hoxton who are refusing to leave quietly.”

Big Mother by Stik is painted on Charles Hocking House, Bollo Bridge Road, South Acton, W3 8DA East Acton Estate, 10 minutes from Acton Town tube station and is visible from the Piccadilly line and London flight paths.

Charles Hocking House was built in 1967 for low income families and is due for demolition in 2016.

Gazing forlornly: Big Mother. Photograph: Joyce/Division

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  1. It’s crazy, they made squatting harder and then made living harder, the richest bankers screwed over the whole country and the poorest people are being made to pay through austerity measures and they’re blaming immigrants for benefits for the financial situation instead of the bankers who screwed us all over. I wonder if enough people will see the truth of the situation to necessitate a real revolution.

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