Jamboree (5) Eleonore de Bonneval 620

Jamboree. Photograph: Eleonore de Bonneval

Jamboree, Cable Studios, January 26, 2015

Louisa Jones explores folk music originating in various parts of the world, with a nod to Eastern European folk. Her style is distinctively unique, yet identifies with many a folk and jazz appreciating taste. Their music reveals influences from early 20th century jazz, vaudeville blues, rag-time and north Indian classical music.

Louisa Jones is the lead singer of Whiskey Moon Face whose voice is like a soothing baritone wisp, captivating you in her velvety yet raw and warm range of blues infused melodies. This combined with the Roma gypsy sound of the Accordion, Ewan Bleach’s hypnotic and virtuosic clarinet playing makes for a enchanting blend.

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