Mom's the word: producer Mom Tudie.
A selfie by music producer Mom Tudie

With his subtle use of classic neo-soul samples, a penchant for female vocalists and a varied musical upbringing, East London-based producer Mom Tudie (real name Tom Mudie) is an intriguing and versatile new talent.

At only 18 years old, Tudie’s musical tastes lean towards modern R’n’B, and a huge chunk of inspiration comes from greats such as Thom Yorke. “Recently I’ve got into Drake, James Blake, King Krule, and Katy B. I also like a lot of the stuff coming out of East London at the moment and one of my favourite releases is Southpaw’s Out of Oak EP,” he says, listing his influences.

With so many musical role models, it might be difficult to incorporate them all into a music he can call his own. Tudie, however, has one rule of thumb. He says: “I tend to tell people that my music is a mix of electronic ideas. I’d prefer people listen and make up their own mind.”

Past tracks have a garage-tinged edge, but Tudie’s latest offering, a song called ‘Human Heart’, is strikingly mature. In it he contrasts a sparse and melancholic synth with a glitch-hop driven beat. Added vocals by Bridget Spencer and some electronica infused lounge-jazz brass samples make it a serene but eminently danceable number.

Female vocalists such as Nicola Thoms and Abigail Glasser are prevalent in his music, although he assures that he is definitely not discriminating against the men of the musical world. “I am about to release a track with Tom Misch, who is a male vocalist, and a really talented guitarist and beat maker.”

While fellow musicians gear up for festivals, Tudie’s plans for the summer are surprisingly uncertain. “I am travelling until July, so I don´t know if I am going to have the funds to go to any festivals this year, which is a shame. If I could, I would definitely go to Brainchild Festival – it was amazing last year.”

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