A piece by jewellery designer Emma Ware

Emma Ware is a sustainable force to be reckoned with. Hovering on the border between jewellery, art and fashion, she creates unique pieces from found objects. The end result is delicate yet tribal, moulding to the natural forms of the body. Ware abandoned a career in television to start her own business in 2009, gaining meaningful, creative independence. Gaining initial inspiration from the inner tube of a bicycle tyre, her brand has now grown substantially, acquiring a loyal fan base and international recognition.

What inspired you to become a jewellery designer?

Jewellery is something I’ve experimented with at various stages in my life. I just love being in control of the whole process, of making a wearable piece of art from start to finish, and then selling it.

How long have you had your studio space in East London?

I’ve had a studio in Hackney Wick for six years, and I sometimes live in Hackney as I’m on a boat and we move around.
Describe your aesthetic and favourite materials to work with. It’s really hard to describe subjectively, but I guess in a few words:
bold, quirky, tactile, sexy, contrasting. I’ve been working with rubber and chain, and now I’m using leather and precious metals. It seems I like materials with a weight and a presence that I can reform into a completely new object – something more than the sum of its parts.

And do you think that your time spent in East London has influenced your aesthetics?

Seeing how bold East Londoners can be with their style is inspiring and it’s always good to be able to picture my work on real people. The eclectic mix of cultures, music, and creativity sucks you up and encourages you to be a part of it.

Which collection has been your most memorable?

My rubber collections follow on from each other and have been my main focus. It’s these that have taken me into my fully-fledged career as a designer, which is pretty memorable.

Is there anything that you think sets East London designers apart from the rest?

I guess we’re all here for the same reason, for the freedom of creativity which is ‘normal’ here and everything that comes with it. There’s loads of amazing stuff going on all over London, but it does feel like East London is the place to be, the cutting edge of international design even…

Favourite spot in Hackney? 

The canals, no question. They’re so beautiful.

What’s next for Emma Ware?

I’m excited to see where my designs will go. I’ve decided not to limit myself necessarily to jewellery and if things want to get bigger, I’ll let them. I’m imagining sculptures, mobiles and costumes.


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