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Dog lover: Louise Glazebrook

Canine companions are ever more popular in Hackney as people seek exercise partners and guardians. Yet many novice dog owners have limited knowledge of how to care for their precious pooch, and there are doubtless far more dog-lovers who are put off the idea of getting a puppy for fear of not being able to cope.

Now Stoke Newington-based dog trainer and behaviourist Louise Glazebrook has come to the rescue with this advice-packed book on how to take care of your hound in an urban environment.

Dog about Town: How to Raise a Happy Dog in the City provides advice on everything from selecting the right breed to providing your animal with appropriate mental stimulation. We also learn about canine nutrition, housing and clothing; and there are useful tips on dog training, walking and holiday care.

The advice can be sobering: dogs need to be walked at least two hours a day and should not be left at home for more than four hours on their own. But there are also fascinating titbits, such as how to interpret different types of tail wag, and the number of scent-detecting cells a dog has in its nose (up to 225 million, whereas humans only have 5 million).

Whether it is read cover-to-cover as a crash course in dog ownership or kept on the shelf as a useful reference guide, Dog about Town is full of practical advice and reassurance for those keen to do right by their canine.

The clear, easy-to digest information and stylish illustrations make this chunky little volume a perfect stocking-stuffer.

Dog about Town: How to Raise a Happy Dog in the City is published  by Hardie Grant Books. ISBN: 9781742707754. RRP: £12.99.

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