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Wine and preserved meats are among the classic pairings that just get better with age, much like a recently transformed shop space in Newington Green.

Housed on the site of a former children’s clothes and toy store, the space was redeveloped into a natural wine and charcuterie shop late last year.

The shop’s simple décor complements the menu of meats, cheeses, olives, bread and jam on offer.

Chilli and Oregano Salami, Saucisson with Black Peppercorns and Bresaola were among the offerings on a recent visit.

The cured meats are all made at the Islington-based Cobble Lane, which prides itself on using British meat, and beers and spirits are sourced even closer to home.

Then there’s gin from Highgate and vodka from Hackney.

The wine range – one of the few products Yield N16 sources from outside the UK – comprises labels that won’t be found on the supermarket shelves.

All natural, the wine is sourced from small suppliers from around the world.

It comes largely from renowned wine-making regions, but not all the in-store labels give that away.

The shop’s assistant manager, Sebastian Roach, said they buy from a number of small-scale producers who have opted out of the denomination system.

“You have the familiar names such as Bordeaux or Burgundy,” he said.

“In order to have that name on your label you have to conform to certain rules set down by the administration…the way the wine is produced, the varieties of grapes you’re allowed to use, how you seal the bottle.

“You’ll find quite a number of the wines on these shelves are produced from within those recognised regions but those names don’t appear on the label because the producers want to do things their own way.”

The shop’s house red – Raisins Gaulois – is among those.

In character with most natural wine, it is lighter in colour and body, boasting fruity flavours with strawberry and raspberry notes. The house white is a Muscadet from the Loire Valley in France.

Typical of wines grown near the sea, it is crisp and fresh – a perfect pairing for seafood.

Natural wine has over the years earned itself a reputation for reduced hangovers.

And while there are no guarantees, the traditionally lower alcohol level and lack of chemicals in natural wine does lend itself to a more pleasant morning after.

Which is why Yield N16 might be a good option for midweek indulgence.

Yield N16, 44/45 Alliance House, N16 9QH

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