Singer-songwriter Aislinn Logan
Postmodern folk: singer-songwriter Aislinn Logan

Lost or Gone is the debut EP from Belfast-born local singer-songwriter Aislinn Logan. Logan has been getting her name out since well before the release of this EP in early June, with support slots for singer-songwriters Frank Turner and Ben Marwood, as well as regular airplay on BBC Radio Scotland.

Structurally, Lost or Gone is of definitive folk and singer-songwriter stock – simple chord progressions overlain with more complex melodic hooks. However the actual sound of her music is made far more multifaceted through her use of percussion and electronic noise.

Opening track ‘Wild’ moves from a frothing, ambient intro into lavish piano and wickedly rhythmic drum sequences, with Logan’s voice exuding all the freshness of a spring morning.

‘Iron Wax’ is not as ambitious as its predecessor, simpler and slower, comprising a modest voice and guitar dynamic that renders it much starker in contrast, but places Logan’s vocals at the forefront.

‘Poison’ is a return to the atmospheric instrumentals found on ‘Wild’, with the bass coming through as murky and sweet as a slow jam. Final track ‘Flying Kites’ is another that seems a bit more callow, but it remains richly layered and full-bodied, with little pockets of roughness that sees it gambolling between smooth production and raw bedroom-style recording.

Whilst Lost or Gone finds its roots firmly in folk, Logan has clearly drawn on more electronic influences to craft an intriguing first outing that circumvents the traditional tropes of the genre.

With work beginning on her second EP, it’ll be interesting to see how far she can push this rather postmodern take on popular folk.

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