Flyer for Baby/Lon, now showing at Hackney Downs Studios
Flyer for Baby/Lon, now showing at Hackney Downs Studios

Hackney Downs Studios announces a season of new drama. A triptych of hard-hitting, daring and evocative theatre.

Season One presents theatrical work on an epic scale 

The season promises three promenade productions of exceptional quality and provocative content, each exploring the vulnerability of the human condition. The season takes its audience on a journey, a life-cycle of pregnancy, birth, displacement and death, concluding with a tale of astonishing rebirth and renewal.

Hackney Downs Studios is working with The Big House (theatre company in residence), Renato Rocha for LIFT festival and Living Structures, all innovative theatre companies who believe that theatre and art can transform lives.


Apr 14th – May 3rd Written by Andy Day Directed By Maggie Norris

Press Night and Season One Launch Thurs 17 April, for tickets email

Dear Daughter, If you never meet me…I want you to know that my first thoughts of you were full of hope. As you grew inside me, I knew nothing about you, and I was still so deeply in love with you that I could hardly think.

Inspired by the real-life stories and experiences of a care-leaving cast, The Big House return with their second show exploring the harsh realities of having a child taken into care.

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Jun 9th – 21st

Directed By Renato Rocha
Press Night Wed 11th June, for tickets email

Inspired by the ‘beautiful game’, Rocha and an international team of young artists use spoken word, sharp choreography and stunning visuals to explore experiences of homelessness in London and across the world in a production that will make you see your home, family and friends in surprising new ways.

Created in partnership with Street Child World Cup and part of the 20th LIFT festival.

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Jul 5th – 26th
An homage to Herman Melville’s Moby Dick Created by Living Structures

Press Night Wed 16th July, for tickets email

A stunning reimagining of Captain Ahab’s relentless pursuit of the great white whale, Leviathan is imbued with the monochrome colours, geometric shapes and functionality of Russian Constructivism. Pioneers of immersive theatre – Living Structures – take its audience through an adventurous journey of stunning landscapes, choruses of singers, giant objects, sailor aerialists and hauntingly beautiful songs that fill you with wonder and break your heart.

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Tickets from £5 at | @HackneyDStudios | #SeasonOne

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